19 August 2010

Res ipsa loquitur

I don't know if these are the final figures for the year or not.

Found at I Love Charts, via Found Here.


  1. That is eye opening. I wonder how that compares to the suicide rate of the general population.

  2. I want to know if this is suicide rates of personnel in war zones or overall. We have 2 million people in the armed services, right? I wonder if that number of suicides would be unusual in a city of 2 million civilians.

  3. U.S. suicide rate is 17.7/100,000 males.


  4. Another interesting point is the reason for the differences between branches. It's tempting to blame the fact that there are perhaps a few hundred times the number of servicemen in the Army than in the Marines or Air Force, but perhaps it is because these two branches have a better mental health system. Or, perhaps, the Air Force doesn't have the negative stigma towards seeking help that the Army does.


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