24 August 2010

100 mph car crash

SUGARCREEK TWP., Montgomery Co. (WDTN) - Witnesses said moments before the crash, Brennan was passing other drivers at speeds of at least 100 mph. He crashed when he drove off the left side of the roadway while passing a Sugarcreek Twp. police car. The crash was caught on that officer's cruiser camera.

"He went down into the median, into the grass, hit the guardrail, went airborne and the [Pontiac Firebird] hit the center post of the bridge and literally exploded into three main pieces," said witness Mark Riley.

Police said Brennan was alert and conscious after the crash and was flown to Miami Valley Hospital by Careflight where he was last listed in critical condition.
From a followup television news report: "Officers are investigating what role, if any, speed played in the crash"  WTF??


  1. Wow, that never happened to the Duke boys in the Generall Lee.

  2. Is it really common not to have any separation between the two opposing directions?

    It seems to me that the separator before the bridge acted as a ramp for the speeding car.

  3. Yes, I saw this earlier too. Commenters on that news source suggested that perhaps the news anchor meant to say that police were investigating what part, if any, that DRUGS may have played in the crash. This seems more reasonable to me.

    Either that, or the anchor lady was on drugs herself.

  4. Looks to me like he actually hit the bridge!

  5. That'll buff right out.


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