18 August 2010

"Read Ayn Rand" written using GPS

Nick Newcomen did a road trip over 30 days that covered stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. First, he identified on a map the route he would need to drive to spell out the message. He put a GPS device in his car to trace the route he would follow...

Newcomen, unlike previous GPS artists, actually traveled the lines he traced on the map. He used a GPS logger (Qstarz BT-Q1000X) to “ink” the message. Starting his trip in Marshall, Texas, he turned on the device when he wanted to write a letter and turned off the device between letters. The recorded GPS data was loaded into Google Earth to produce the image above.
A big hat tip to Chris at Cynical-C for pointing out that "he used Interstates, GPS and the internet which were all government funded projects..."


  1. I can't decide whether I am impressed or appalled.

  2. This would be a lot easier to applaud if I didn't find objectivism so utterly repulsive.

  3. I think a lot of people misunderstand objectivism. For instance, it doesn't preclude the use or even the funding of "public" roads....

  4. IMHO She was as loony as L. Ron Hubbard.


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