22 August 2010

Things you can't carry as hand baggage on a flight

Knives, scissors, meat cleavers, portable power drills, hockey sticks, bullwhips, dynamite, pickles and spices...

Via the Telegraph's weekly "Sign Language" feature.


  1. And Franfurt Airport allows small pocket knives again -- but forbids mascara bottles. Go figure.

  2. I'm even more interested by the arrangement of the items. Numbers 19 through 45 are alphabetical, including all of the second column, as are 46-64 and 67-83. It's as if they had an alphabetically-arranged list, and then cut it into sections and rearranged them.

  3. I noticed that too - it's most curious. I have no explanation.

  4. #84: "Chilly Powder"

    Is it okay if I heat it up first?

    #82: "Disabling Chemicals or Grass"

    "Disabling grass"? Is that to prevent hay-fever attacks?

    Also, appalling spelling. Apparently no crossover between DHS and Department of Education.

  5. DHS = Dept Homeland Security??

    I don't think this sign is connected with our ridiculous bureaucracy in any way; according to the link, it's a sign in Mumbai.

  6. D'oh! These days I assume that whenever there's some "ridiculous bureaucracy" involved, it's ours. We're just so damn good at it...


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