18 August 2010

"Journey Through Canyons" video

Another beautiful video from Vimeo, created by Metron:
"I went on the trip to Canyons in Arizona and Utah, visited Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon and this film is the coverage of my trip."
With music by Nicholas Gunn.  If you're going to watch this, by all means click the symbol for fullscreen.

I've only been to one of those four canyons.  The others are on my "bucket list."


  1. Don't save them for buckety like situations! I have had the wonderful opportunity to go to all of them and some more than once. Go go go!

  2. Reminds me of parts of Australia. Looks beautiful, but would not want to live there!

  3. Awesome. I bought that album about 15 years ago after hiking the Grand Canyon from the north to the south rim, because the music was so evocative of that amazing two-day experience. This video is a perfect usage of it.

    Also, I agree with A. Fischer. You're not that far away from any of those places; GO NOW! I've had the opportunity to visit three out of the four, and they are worth your time while you still have the breath and legs to fully enjoy them.


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