27 August 2010

Shrinkwrapping airline luggage?

That seems to be the situation described in this English Russia photoessay about Russian airports... "Many people prefer to wrap the luggage around to keep it clean."

Image cropped from original at link.


  1. This is actually relatively common. I think it's primarily used to make sure that if the suitcase should happen to get damaged or break open the contents won't fall out.

  2. These machines are also at Miami International Airport. Lots of travelers with massively bulging suitcases, boxes, or what-have-you get their "luggage" wrapped before heading out.

  3. This was very common in Australia for a while because of Schapelle Corby: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schappelle_Corby

    She was arrested in Bali with 4kg of marijuana in her luggage, and her defence was that it had been opened on route and airport staff were responsible for the marijuana.

    As a result they installed shrink-wrap stations in some airports, and many people would seal their luggage before checking it in. If their luggage wasn't sealed at the other end they could then refuse to touch it.

  4. I'd see it as a way to deter pilfering baggage handlers.
    I like the idea.
    On passing through Don-Muang, Bangkok, airport, my bags were sealed into polyethylene bags and security-taped after passing inspection, I was told it was to stop people in the airport putting drugs into the luggage of innocent passengers. (being caught with drugs in Thailand is a capital offence)

  5. In South Africa it's because the baggage handlers manage to steal from 1% of all bags.

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  7. also great for hitch hiking critters such as bed bugs...

    1. Great as barrier against bedbugs. Good thought.


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