06 August 2010

A random dungeon generator

The generator is here (home page here).  Via Metafilter.
"...you need a Player's Handbook, Dungeonmaster's Guide, Monster Manual I and II..."  
Got those.  And two boxes of painted lead figurines.  What I need is a Dungeonmaster.  And time.  Lots of time.


  1. Geez! I could have really used this back when my oldest son was into this in middle school in the '80's and I got appointed Dungeonmaster and had to spend hours on my creations. All the old manuals and other goodies survived our garage fire of 10/08. It was neat to go through that stuff. Made me want to get back into it. There's just one thing stopping me--time.

  2. I miss AD&D. I tried playing the new D&D recently and it was awful: all these extra helps and characters starting out too strong... There was even something like a do-over card!

    It used to be such a cool game...


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