06 March 2010

"More bars than grocery stores"

The top map was reportedly generated by searching the Google Maps directory for the terms "bar" and "grocery store," and the bottom one by the normalized (?) number of mentions of "bars" in Google Maps.

I would have some doubts re the validity of the data, especially re the regional variation in terminology (bar vs. pub vs. nightclub vs. whatever) and possible influences of licensing laws, but the concentration in Wisconsin certainly does reflect the state's reputation.

Credit to Floating Sheep, via Consumerist.


  1. There's no way those Colorado numbers are accurate.

    There's more bars per capita in all of Colorado than in any other state.

  2. What's this got to do with anything?

  3. Try a search in Australia!
    Le Loup.

  4. I'm also wondering about the statistics behind this.

    The weird thing is North Dakota - in one map, it appears that bars coat the landscape. In the next, nothing.

    Also, anyone who has ever been to the Chicago / Gary, Indiana area knows there are many more bars than grocery stores. I always wonder where in the world everyone buys their food up there . . .

  5. we don't need food we got so much booze. Love Wisconsin.

  6. Kabbu,

    you CLEARLY have never been to Wisconsin then.

    Look up Cudahy, Wisconsin

    then come back and post :)

    Proud S.E. Wisconsin resident

  7. From Wisconsin as well. My home town, at one point (not sure if it's still true), had the most bars on one street in our state.

  8. I love Wisconsin! This is why when anyone claims they are better than us I just laugh.


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