28 March 2010

"Catch and Wreck" - a new "game"

When the kids ripped Moore's hat off during the attack, she said they called her a "bald-headed b----." When she begged for the hat back, they stomped on it.

When she told them her son had died, that she'd been through so much already, she said they taunted her with his death.

And when she begged for mercy, they showed her none.

Police said they arrested one 12-year-old girl for the assault and have the names of another 12-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy who were involved...

"Then they took a stick and knocked me in the knees until I fell down," she said. "They kicked me in the back. I was crying and begging for these people to stop and they just wouldn't stop.

Police learned through interviews that the beatings were a twisted "game" called "Catch and Wreck."

Moore said she was upset to hear she wasn't the first victim.

"I don't know if these kids hate society or hate life itself but I cannot believe they could do that to someone," she said. "Where is all that hatred coming from when you're only 11 or 12?"
Offered without comment. I'd love to rant about this, but there isn't time. Res ipsa loquitur.


  1. Sounds like a plotline from a CSI episode a few seasons back. In that case, it was called "fannysmackin'" and the targets were tourists visiting Las Vegas. It's shocking and frightening that something like that could really happen.


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