28 March 2010

Is it too early for a drink?

Myrna Loy and William Powell in The Thin Man (1934)

“Would you like a drink?”
“It’s a little early, isn’t it?”
“Too early for a drink?”
“No! Too early for stupid questions! Of course I want a drink!”

[Note: The quotation above doesn't match the scene in the movie - see comment thread].

Found at Old Hollywood.


  1. Where in The Thin Man is that quote? I practically have that movie memorized and I don't recall it. Oh, maybe it's in the book and not the movie? I need to get a copy of Hammet's book.

  2. Good observation, stonemaven. The scene from which the screencap wasobtained occurs at the fifteen-minute mark (view it here -


    ...but the quoted dialogue isn't from that scene. Perhaps it comes from "After the Thin Man" or "Another Thin Man" or one of the others.

    I suppose it could even come from some other movie.

  3. I will have to use that quote one day.


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