28 March 2010

The grikes of Tsingy de Bemaraha

This is a very cool graphic from National Geographic showing how these most unusual rock formations of western Madagascar formed (carved by groundwater erosion, not by precipitation).

I've embedded a smaller gif to save my bandwidth; those interested in the process can read the details in this larger version.

(I'll bet when you woke up this morning you didn't even know what a grike was.  Neither did I.)

Via Geology Rocks.

A tip of the hat to Randomscrub, who notes that Titan also has karst topography!


  1. Looks like a similar phenomenon on Titan:

    Yes, I'm a geek.

  2. There's an impressive limestone pavement in Malham, Yorkshire - England. While the grikes are the fissures, the remaining pavement rock is called a 'clint'. Some pictures here: http://www.gowilder.org.uk/geog/WASP/malham.htm


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