28 March 2010

Extraordinary polydactyly

"On 22nd March, 2010, A chinese boy From Shenyang, capital of northeast China’s Liaoning province, showed his weird fingers and toes. He has a total of 31 fingers and toes, 7 fingers in left hand, 8 in right hand and 8 toes in each foot. He has broken the earlier record of 25 fingers and toes. He is currently in Shenjing hospital and ready for an operation."

One can't help but wonder whether occurrences like this reflect merely a small probability event occurring in an immense population, or whether it suggests effects of environmental problems.


  1. Population or Polution?

    What about both?

  2. Apparently, early fossils in evolution had 8 digits on each limb. My guess is this is a throw-back, much like human tails and extra nipples.

  3. The gene for having extra fingers is actually dominant, while the one for ten fingers is recessive. We only see everyone having ten fingers because thats the one present in our gene pool... at least in most places! There are some areas in the world where the dominant gene for extra fingers is present so most people in that population have a lot of fingers!

    Bottom line: dont have sex with people with too many fingers cause youll taint the population

  4. Lots of fingers are awesome. I wish I had more!

    1. Not when they are stuck together!


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