28 March 2010

Girl carries her brother in bag on a zip line

I'm in awe of this little girl, who does this every day in order to go to school.  Schoolchildren in this country don't appreciate what a good thing they have.
More than 1,300ft above the roaring Rio Negro in Colombia, nine-year-old Daisy Mora prepares to throw herself over the abyss.

Attaching herself to an old and rusted pulley system she drops over the edge before plummeting at 40mph along a zip wire to the opposite bank half a mile away - a vertigo-inducing journey she has to take every day to get to school...

Farmers use them to transport goods to and from the closest town and, for children like Daisy and her five-year-old brother Jamid, it is how they get to school.

Jamid is too young to safely ride the wire on his own, so she has to carry him with her in a jute bag, controlling their speed with a wooden fork.
Via Neatorama.

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  1. Well one thing we did not have was a zip line ride!!! I would have loved that. As it was I started school riding in the paperman's bicycle basket, then I walked, then a 3 wheeler, and finally my own bicycle.
    Le Loup.


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