21 March 2010

Secret passageways for your home

Pictured above is an offering from the Creative Home Engineering company.  Other doors hidden in bookshelves are depicted at Hide A Door, and other relevant links are assembled at Spot Cool Stuff.


  1. Oh I would love to have one of these! I just love secret rooms and passageways. Do you know of the rooms for servants that were situated over the entrance to a house 300 years or more ago? Well our family home in England had one of these rooms. It was there so that a certain servant could keep an eye on who was about or coming into the house. Our look-out room looked over the front door and courtyard and over the inside staircase.

  2. I love hidden rooms& passages too. I built a built-in bookcase with a hidden room behind in my old house. I'll try to upload pictures of them sometime.

    I also have a hidden storage area underneath the hardwood floor in my current house. It's not complete yet-- I want to make it open with the push of a button, but I haven't figured out how yet (kind of like a car trunk) The opening itself is 2.5ftx5ft, so pretty large and heavy.

  3. I had a friend while growing up that had a “hidden room” in her bedroom that she used as a play space...couldn't have been more than 4 ft wide 6 ft deep and the ceiling sloped downward with the roof of the house. It was almost like it would've been an additional closet had they not decided to make put a "false bookcase" there. Her sister had one in her room, but it was narrower. It was a pretty cool little spot to play, but I do remember it getting hot in there quickly since there was no ventilation when the bookcase was closed.


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