21 September 2009

A strong Yorkshire accent

The young child in this video is described as having a strong Yorkshire accent. I have to admit to not being able to identify the regional English accents; I have a hard enough time with the words of the dialects.

My only previous encounter with a Yorkshire accent was the famous comedy sketch of the Four Yorkshiremen.

Via b3ta.


  1. My entire family sounds like that =/

  2. I have always found the Yorkshire accent to be one of my absolute favorites among English accents. Scottish accents are up there. I love the rural South Carolina drawl. But my absolute favorite is the Southern-Western Indiana/Northern Kentucky accent.

  3. As a Yorkshireman, I'd like to say there are a broad range of Yorkshire accents, rather than just one. This little girl's accent places her toward the southern edge of God's own country, Sheffield, I'd say, or Rotherham perhaps? If she were from Barnsley, only a few miles away she'd sound completely different.
    I'm from just north of Leeds, we're different again...
    I'm fascinated by local variations of dialect and accent, and, having lived in Iceland for a while, I discovered that many of our yorkshire dialect words are old Norse, from our viking era, a thousand years ago.
    I like the fact that this little girl is growing up with a strong accent, she'll have a sense of place, of belonging, and whilst I'd not call Sheffield a beautiful city, it's on the edge of beautiful moors, pennine landscapes.


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