18 September 2009

Photos from the Redneck Games

After spending 10 years in Kentucky I can say that one of the endearing qualities of rednecks is their ability to poke fun at themselves. To my understanding that is also the purpose of the Redneck Games held every summer in Georgia. The competition includes bobbing for pigs' feet, toilet seat horseshoes, and belly diving into mud.

Photos from a collection at Widelec.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know if it is a universal observation but after having lived among "rednecks" and "east coasters" I have found that by an order of magnitude east coast communities are much more humorless than their midwest/southern counterparts.

    I feel that all regional groups have their peculiarities but in the northeast they have less humor about their obvious provincial peculiarity.

    Does that make sense to anyone else?


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