28 September 2009

It's a great day for conspiracy theorists

Two for the price of one, starting with evidence that the skull fragments attributed to Adolph Hitler are not his...
US archaeologist Nick Bellantoni found fragments from the skull believed to be Hitler's were too thin to be from a male, and suspected it was the remains of a much younger woman... DNA tests performed in a US laboratory confirmed the remains could not have belonged to the Nazi leader...
The alternative explanation, of course, would be that Hitler was actually a woman.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma...
Long-secret security tapes showing the chaos immediately after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building are blank in the minutes before the blast and appear to have been edited, an attorney who obtained the recordings said Sunday...

"Four cameras in four different locations going blank at basically the same time on the morning of April 19, 1995. There ain't no such thing as a coincidence," Trentadue said.

He said government officials claim the security cameras did not record the minutes before the bombing because "they had run out of tape" or "the tape was being replaced."

"The interesting thing is they spring back on after 9:02," he said. "The absence of footage from these crucial time intervals is evidence that there is something there that the FBI doesn't want anybody to see."

Photo credit Reuters.


  1. There is NO WAY the Russians left a cell or fiber of Hitler around to be found. They even admit, putting a little "effort" into it.

  2. The blank camera footage is clearly evidence that the either bigfoot or the loch ness monster had something to do with the bombing. Everybody knows they emit a field which causes cameras to malfunction.


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