26 September 2009

Ancient stairway

Obviously carved into fissured rock on the side of a mountain, with a cross carved next to the steps. Photo found at Pixdaus without further identification or credit re source, and with tags indicating "Anglo-Saxon" and "england," which surprises me a little. It looks more like something that might have been created in central Europe or perhaps a monastery in the Greece/Adriatic area. Does anyone recognize it? (Click to enlarge)

Addendum - identified by Anonymous as follows "Stony stairway from the 13th century. The stairway is part of a rock castle in the mountains “Elbsandsteingebirge” in Sachsen, Germany." Continuing a string of my never being able to ask a question here that someone didn't have the answer to. Amazing. Thanks.


  1. Stony stairway from the 13th century. The stairway is part of a rock castle in the mountains “Elbsandsteingebirge” in Sachsen, Germany.


  2. It's beautiful, but it makes me tired to look at it--thinking both of climbing up it, and of the work needed to hew it out of the rock in the first place.

    Where's the cross, BTW? I don't see one.

  3. Swift - click the picture to get a larger version and then look to the right of where the second set of steps begins...

  4. well, anonymous beat me to the punch...

    helpful tool:


    It's a reverse image search engine.

    Not 100% reliable, but I have identified many photos with it.

    I'd bet dollars to pumpkin seeds that anon. used it, or something like it.

  5. he he he... Yup, you caught me. That's exactly what I used. I was surprised you hadn't used it yourself, because I remember you mentioning tineye a while back.

  6. err... by "you" I meant minnesotastan

  7. I should have used TinEye - I 've used it before. As John says, it's hit and miss re finding something. For this post I was just hurrying and wasn't thorough.


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