28 September 2009

Dregs of the human race

This shocking image shows an urban fox with a chain bolted through its leg - amid growing fears they are being used to bait fighting dogs...

A hole had been drilled through the animal's flesh after it was caught by poachers in south east London...

It is feared that fighting dogs are being let loose on the trapped animals either for "fun" or as practice for illegal fights...

In London, a number of cats have also been discovered "ripped to pieces" in the Rotherhithe area...
Via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. Sickening, but not surprised that this would occur in London. This is a culture, after all, built on fox hunting, where foxes are run into exhaustion, and then often ripped to pieces by the dogs before the "hunters" ever get to it.

    I saw a "humane" dog collar advertised yesterday and had to laugh (sardonically, not humorously). I asked my friend, "How can anything that isn't deemed suitable for use on children be considered 'humane'? Why do we have different standards for "humanity" with animals." Using electrical shock to "train" children is inhumane, but using it on dogs is not? Ripping a dog to shreds would be unacceptable, but letting dogs rip a fox to shreds is? It's just sick.

  2. I have seen more shocking images of animal cruelty than I can stomach. Could you please put up some kind of warning when you post these kinds of pictures?

  3. I think if I found an animal in this condition, I would be looking for a stake to drive through the heart of whoever did it.

    This makes me burn with fury.

  4. We need to really toughen laws against animal abuse. People who participate in this should be publicly shamed and then forced to do hard labor.

    There is no excuse for this behavior in the 21st Century. And people think the Dark Ages took place centuries ago - we're living in them now!

  5. i agree with anonymous. please put a warning on images of this nature because while these kinds of things happen and it is good to not turn a blind eye to hatred and cruelty towards animals, it is disturbing to some of us and we would not like to see it if we don't have to. thanks!


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