29 September 2009

Colbert addresses the use of Tasers

Via HuffPo.


  1. I'm sick of Colbert's routine. That shtick of feigning a certain personality got old after about the first ten minutes.

    (In fact, it got old when I was in grade school, when the hoodlums in class would always pretend to be hyper-polite when challenged: "Oh YES, Mr. teacher, I would NEVER do anything like that to disrupt class."

    He's warmed-over Borat, and unfunny to boot.

  2. But seriously, tell us how you really feel.

  3. The issue isn't Colbert, I don't care for his humor myself, but why try to misdirect attention away from the abusive torture instruments that Tasers have become in the hands of certain individuals? Do we, as a civilized nation, support the use of a taser on a legless, unarmed man in a wheelchair?



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