25 September 2009

Galileo justified

Hammer and feather dropped on the moon...


  1. I still think a pound of feathers is heavier than a pound of hammers, but only if you're on the moon ;-)

  2. Did anyone else see that feather move at 0:21?
    I believe we really did land on the moon but what could have caused this?

  3. He's holding it with his fingers; he must have moved the glove along the shaft of the feather.

  4. Shaking a feather in an airless environment would present visually like shaking a stiff rubber model of a feather - there would be no air to provide resistance. Moving the shaft would move all parts of the feather in unison, something we would see on Earth only in a breeze.

    Joe: the mass of 1 earth lb of feathers = the mass of 1 earth lb of hammers, wherever you take them. However, even 1 oz of feathers would still hit the ground at the same time as 1 lb of hammers. Its not the weight difference on the moon but the lack of air that's relevant.


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