25 September 2009

Is this a metaphor for the American political system?

Credit, via Illusion360.


  1. It is, but not for the reasons a conspiracy theorist would postulate.

    The true fact is neither the left nor the right will ever get what they want as long as the middle of the road voter picks the president. The left will always vote for one side, the right will always vote for the other. Who the parties try to woo, therefore, is the middle, though they give a lot of lip service to their respective side.

    Ultimately the politicians feel the need to "buy the vote" via government spending to help their constituents, no matter the price down the road. This is true no patter which party the politician claims.

  2. We don't have a "Left" and a "Right". We have a bunch of toadies who only do the will of their corporate masters; the Democrats, and then there is the party run by religious fanatical cultists; what remains of the Republican Party.


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