24 August 2009

Butter Bell

After you make your own butter, you'll need a place to store it. Consider the "butter bell" -
The butter bell is a small crock with a bell-shaped lid. You add some cool water to the bottom of the crock, then put your butter in the bell, turn it upside down and place it into the crock. The water forms a seal around the exposed butter to keep bacteria, insects, dust, and odors out. And you can forget ever putting cold butter in the microwave again, which leaves you with butter that’s more pourable than spreadable...
More details at Mental Floss.


  1. I own a Butter Bell and often give them for gifts. They work!

  2. Remember "churning" milk to get butter as a kid.


  3. Sure, it keeps dust and pests out. But room temperature is a bacteria's paradise. Ugh.

    1. Using the product is dependent on the user having a well functioning immune system.

  4. Just ordered one at L Tremaine: http://foxyurl.com/sFP


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