22 August 2009

Hollowed-out book used to carry Kindle

Depending on your point of view, you could consider this a form of protection for the Kindle, or simply a disguise.

Love your Kindle but miss the feel of holding a real book?

Tired of strangers asking about it while you’re trying to read?

Then carry your Kindle hidden inside an old book.

This book is a hardcover copy of Write and Speak Better by Hoffan and Davis. It has been sealed and cut by hand to fit Amazon's Kindle 6" Wireless Reading Device.

Credit. Via J-Walk.


  1. I am a devoted reader--three or more books a week. I love books, and while I obviously love electronic stuff (viz. my computer), I think the Kindle is an abomination. Give me books! And printed-on-paper newspapers!

  2. If I saw someone reading a copy of _Write and Speak Better_ and never make it past the first page I would wonder about their mental faculties.


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