26 August 2009

Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller - video

Anne Sullivan explains and demonstrates how she taught Helen Keller to speak.

Via Kottke.


  1. Oh, that determined shake of the head on "not" and the knowing, triumphant grin at the end, suddenly looking straight into the camera--her expression is actually mischievous--just wipes me out!

    The best film director and the best actress in the world couldn't have set that up any more effectively. She somehow knew precisely how she sounded and looked and what effect her delivery would have.

    What a pair of heroines.

    This is a real treasure. I watched it four times, and I'm still dabbing at my eyes. Made my day.

  2. I agree with Swift Loris...the ending just tugs at those heartstrings.

  3. Thanks so much for this! I teach their story in my Comp I class and have always wanted to hear Helen speaking (sure that there were old recordings). This is SO much better.


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