20 August 2009

Old pictures from New South Wales

I found these two photos in the Flickr photoset of the State Library of New South Wales.

The top photo is titled "Scrub school, Tenterfield area [12 miles SW of Tenterfield], NSW, 1923. ""It was school picnic day, that's why we were dressed up. Also it was the teacher's last day because she was joining the convent".

The children are identified as: Back row L to R: Clare Kelly, Ray Petrie, Mavis Petrie, Vera Smith, Audrey Drury, Miss Muriel Kelly. Front Row L to R: Bill Kelly, Julie Kelly, Mavis Drury, Eric Petrie.

The lower photo is entitled "Girls exercising with sticks" [I wonder what that involved??], Deniliquin, 1914.

The girls are identified as: Back L to R: Francis Nesbit, Pearl Trist, Maggie Fawns, Irene Newman, Meg Fitzread, Madge Kingston. Middle L to R: Edna Heaverside, Connie -, Dolly Jane, Aggie Hynes, Merryl Hutton. Front L to R: Jean Grayhurst, Kathleen Rogers, Clare Jonitt, Gladys Skinner.

Posted because if you live in NSW or elsewhere in Australia and your name (or the name of one of your friends or neighbors) matches one of the ones above, you may be looking at an ancestor. Slightly larger versions are available at the links for your detective work...

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