19 August 2009

Village photos - 100 years ago and now

East Dean, England. Click to enlarge and see how little has changed. Blogged to show that humans are not causing deforestation of the entire planet. In many parts of the United States as well there are now more trees than there were a century ago when they were harvested for fuel and when more area was needed for farming.

The comment thread at Reddit is predictable, although I did get a chuckle out of this one - "That's very pretty. I can only imagine how excited everyone must have been when they brought in color. It really livens up the place. When was that, and do the old people still speak fondly of that day and tear up a bit?"

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  1. I was struck one time when I entered the Cincinnati city library. There was a huge mural showing the city over a hundred years before. I was shocked to see how barren it looked. Today Cincinnati is much greener and woodsy than it was in its early development. Perhaps there are stages of reformation and the future need not be worse than today or yesterday.


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