20 July 2008

Hail exploding out of ... toilets??

Residents of the town of Eisenstadt in Austria experienced hailstones emerging from their toilets during a storm. It was so copious that they had to use snow shovels to clear their bathrooms. I don't understand how the plumbing system works in Austria such that the hailstones would back up into the septic system drainage, but that's what happened.

The automatic translation of the story into English via Google is sometimes helpful -
"It always starts so that you gargling sounds in the toilet. Since we already know, there comes the water. In this case I have a board made up, so I seated myself drauflege and draufsetze. I am including the board runtergefallen As the ice has come. I could only flee, "said Erin Sylvia lease dispute..."
- and sometimes totally opaque -
"It is like a fountain. I am not weak, but I really wholeheartedly dagegenhalten, and still is the water next to the fingers out," said Martin beer tenant farmer.

"We f├╝chten us every time rain in India".
Here's the original story auf Deutsch.

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