05 September 2009

Carbon-free sugar ???

Let's see... sugar is C12H22O11. Subtract the carbon...

That leaves H22O11 = H2O.



  1. Back panel with details:

    "*florida crystals (R) is the first american sugar certified carbonfree(R) by carbonfund.org. Florida crystals(R) products earned certification because our products' carbon emissions are offset by our product of production of renewable energy. Our power plant generates clean energy and produces enough electricity to power our sugar mill and refining operations as well as tens of thousands of homes. This helps reduce our use of fossil fuels, a major contributor to the increase of carbon emissions into the earth's atmosphere"

    "to learn more about our carbonfree(R) certification and our earth-friendly practices, visit us at www.floridacrystals.com"

  2. OK, I'll bet that this brand is even more costly than all of the other government cost protected sugars available on the supermarket shelves. Sugar would cost only pennies per pound if our government would remove the sugar companies' protection from competition. Candy bars, and many other items, would cost much, much less if this were to happen.
    Of course, this would mean that the sugar manufacturers would have to become competitive and, I am sure, they would not like that.

  3. Cheaper candy bars and sugar?

    Yeah, just what America, land of the fat, needs.

  4. @ Anonymous: Thanks, that's helpful.

    My mom had it in her cabinet, that exact brand [although dominos sugar does this as well now it seems], and I asked her what that meant. She didn't know.


    Also, my mom is one of the most frugal people on this planet, so I highly doubt it costs more than the refined/chlorinated [splenda]crap. At least not where she lives!


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