01 July 2008

Now We Are Six (months old)

I started TYWKIWDBI about six months ago, sending the url to a handful of friends, family, and neighbors. The webhost for this blog (blogger.com) is owned by Google, which provides me with data regarding traffic to TYWKIWDBI, some of which I've embedded above.

The top graph shows that for the first three months there were just a few visitors a day; one spike occurred when I blogged about a reflection in Dick Cheney's glasses. Then in late April the number of daily visitors began to climb, to the point that now there are about 100 visits a day. The middle map shows that visitors have come from all 50 U.S. states, and the bottom table indicates visits from 78 countries.

At TYWKIWDBI's 4-month anniversary I reported that this blog's Technorati ranking was 3,366,655, (out of 112,000,000 blogs that Technorati monitors). I checked again today, and the ranking has now moved up to 660,369 !!

The metrics show that most people come to the main page, but some arrive at sublinks (each individual post has its own url), and for reasons that totally escape me, the most popular sublinks have been the ones on body painting, the 200-mpg Volkswagen, Joe Cocker with subtitles, and striped icebergs.

I've done nothing to promote this website, so I presume the increasing traffic reflects people sharing the url with their own friends and family. What's interesting to ponder is that the people who come here on a regular basis probably share a wide range of common interests with one another. So, to the "TYWKIWDBI family" - happy half-year-birthday!


  1. Happy half-birthday back to you, Stan! I've been a visitor for about four months or so and indeed I've forwarded the url to a select few friends and family with similar interests. TYWKIWDBI is for me more upbeat and more interesting than many an online newspaper and I love reading your blog. You've also inspired me (and some others I forwarded the url to) to start up blogs of our own.

  2. OK, well, the post about infanticide wasn't upbeat, but it was thought-provoking.


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