10 April 2014

The "most dangerous chemical"

Three chemists suggest cyclopentyldienyl nickel nitrosyl, tert-Butyllithium, and sulfur trioxide, and explain why in this video.


  1. Why on earth would you open an ampoule with a hammer??

  2. My favorite source for insane chemistry stories is Derek Lowe's Things I Won't Work With section on his blog.
    They are very well and comically written. My favorite is probably "Dioxygen Difluoride" with "Sand Won't Save You This Time" coming in a close second.

  3. I second nolannda's comment. Things I Won't Work With is definitely worth a read.

    These stories highlight the very real dangers of working in a chemistry lab. Very sadly, a researcher at UCLA died a couple of years ago when using tert-butyl lithium because no one had checked that she knew how to handle it.


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