22 April 2014

Meskel Square (Ethiopia)

There are plenty of roundabouts elsewhere in Addis Ababa.  One wonders why not here.

Via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. Why? For the amount of traffic, there is very little congestion.

  2. One might wonder how many accidents, injuries and deaths occur at that intersection every year.

  3. I'm surprised. I would have thought at least someone would have flipped someone off within the first 15 seconds of the video!

  4. I sure don't want to put that much concentration into my driving.

    1. Noumenon, you are a product of cars that are too safe for their passengers... it is not your fault but these 'too safe' cars are sure putting a dent in the bicycle and pedestrian population here in Austin, TX.

  5. While the couple of minutes of this seem to pass smoothly enough, I echo the thoughts of others above, and add the question "What would be the harm in having a circular area in the middle around which everyone must turn?"

  6. As an anarchist, the proliferation of Shared Space in Europe has been something I've watched with glee.


    This concept is predictably dismissed with "well that would never work here", but the results have been generally very positive. Take away the nanny hand holding of over-regulated streets, and magically self-interested people can in fact negotiate and communicate just fine.

    That is not to say that Shared spaced need me or should be universally applied, but it certainly reveals something about emergent order that statists find absolutely unfathomable.

  7. I've watched a few videos of driving in certain parts of India and it looks very much like this. I suspect it's because driving in similarly crowded conditions is similar before laws get stricter to reduce the occasionally fatal or at least terrible accident. America was a lot like this in the early 20th.


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