22 April 2014

Some elevator doors have a "blue asterisk"

The Rod of Asclepius in the six-pointed star carries certain implications:
The symbol indicates that the elevator is big enough to hold a stretcher...
The blue symbol itself is modestly known as the Star of Life. Originally designed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and trademarked in 1977, it’s since become the general symbol for emergency medical services...When it appears on an elevator, it typically means that that elevator is large enough to accommodate a 24” by 84” stretcher.
More information at Slate.  If such elevators are not available, the patient may need to be transported downstairs on a stair chair (basically a fancy furniture dolly.  See image embedded at right).


  1. Oh man that stair chair. I once had to be transported from my old apartment to a waiting ambulance using that because I lived on the third floor and only stairs were available for transport. I am totally familiar with that. Felt a bit humiliating because I was certain I could have walked those three familiar flights myself. But eh, procedure.

  2. 5 years late, but hey ... I rode in the back of an ambulance a few months ago, for an hour and 10 minutes at least, facing backwards the entire way.
    I was in it because of a heart issue, but they nearly had me vomiting.


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