29 April 2014

A pocket of chalcedony on chrysocolla stalactites

From the Inspiration Mine in Arizona:
It was collected, he recalls, in the early 1960s. It is a classic example of the quartz-covered chrysocolla stalactites, but unusual in that it was preserved as a whole pocket...
Photo (click to supersize) from The Arkenstone, via Twisted Sifter - with a hat tip to reader Erik.


  1. Gorgeous! Wouldn't those be stalagmites, though?

    1. As it's oriented for the photo, you would certainly be correct. Either they used the wrong term, or the flat side was uppermost in the original vug.

    2. Yes, I realized the original orientation can't be known from the picture; it was primarily the rounded shape that triggered my remark, seeing that stalactites tend to be sharp-pointed. But upon further thought, since we have the growth of chalcedony on chrysocolla, that could easily account for the softening of their curves, as the 'cross sections' on the bottom left seem to confirm.

  2. That is more beautiful than a diamond!

  3. I have never seen something so perfectly rounded!


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