01 June 2011

Topo maps transformed into art

This is my favorite lake in northern Minnesota, captured by local artist Crafterall, who markets through Etsy -
If you've ever visited the shores of Leech Lake, or cast your line near the reeds in one of its bays, you know that this is a magical place. Leech Lake is Minnesota's third largest lake, home to trophy-sized fish including the famously ugly Eel Pout, and boasts several points on its lake floor where the max depth reaches 150 feet.

This is an original, layered papercut piece, handmade in Minnesota, in a bright set of Aqua blues, and featuring the beautiful Leech Lake. This unique piece is intricately cut from five layers of high quality, acid-free cardstock. The top layer is a bright white, while the layers underneath are in ever-darker shades of color. 
Other lakes and locations are also available.

Via Found Here.


  1. That's so cool I went and bought one. Thanks!

  2. These really are stunning. Could easily look at them for ages. I love maps and, of course, compasses!


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