23 June 2011

Selections from Lapham's Quarterly

"No man can eat fifty eggs" photo from Cool Hand Luke.  © The Kobal Collection.

If an internet policeman were to declare that I could only keep a hundred bookmarks on my browser, one of those would link to Lapham's Quarterly.  I became a lifelong reader of Harper's during Lewis H. Lapham's editorship, and was a great fan of his incisive essays in that magazine.  Retired from that position, he now maintains Lapham's Quarterly, which, like the magazine, assembles information on a wide variety of topics.

The current edition of the Quarterly is devoted to "Food." I encourage those who like TYWKIWDBI to browse the site and sample some of the linked material (try, for example, Dumas' description of the feast prepared by the Count of Monte Cristo).

Below this post are three excerpts from the "Food" issue; I have embedded only brief excerpts in order to encourage everyone to read more at the source.

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  1. Thanks. I was just trying to describe this scene from "Cool Hand Luke" to my son the other day.


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