27 June 2011

A branded hand

This Daguerreotype was taken by Southworth Aug. 1845 it is a copy of Captain Jonathan Walker’s hand as branded by the U.S. Marshall of the Dist. of Florida for having helped 7 men to obtain ‘Life Liberty, and Happiness.’…

The brand is “S.S.” for “Slave Stealer”.
Text and image from The Daguerreian Society, via Historical Indulgences.


  1. Is it a mirror image of his right hand? Sadly I don't know much about old photography.

  2. Funder- Yes, reversals also occurred with tintypes (why so many mistakenly thought Billy The Kid left handed).

    Stan- thank you for this (and the portrait of John "Pottawatomie" Brown is superb)!

  3. Thanks for posting! This is a spectacularly moving picture.


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