17 June 2011

Interesting message on an LED billboard

I wonder what prompted the public-service-announcement-type message.

Found at the StarTribune.


  1. City of Minnetonka website:


  2. I wonder how an average idiot American would interpret that message. He would probably just shrug his fat shoulders and keep driving.

  3. Thank you, BJN - but what prompted Clear Channel to use its board for that purpose? Paid for by Minnetonka?

  4. I would guess that loosetrife alone is enough to cause concern. Here in western NY it is overrunning every cattail habitat north of I-90, and many south. At my workplace there are two low wet areas with cattails, and in four years I've seen it grow from 1-2 loosetrife plants to 1/3-1/2 of each area filled, with all other plants choked out.

    As a big fan of the honeybee, loosetrife is almost a friend -- but not at the cost of the rest of the ecosystem.

    With super-specialized butterflies relying on single-plant systems (i.e. monarchs and milkweed), any invasive plant that eliminates all rivals is a significant concern.


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