15 June 2011

Ticked off

The cartoon is humorous, but the risks are real.  I've pulled about 20 ticks off myself this past week, and it's sobering to realize that a 95% success rate in finding/removing them runs the risk of acquiring infection.


  1. I've always used a cigarette to heat them up until they back out and then grabbed them. I suppose that there must be a better source of heat; cigarettes being so expensive nowadays.

  2. Just so that everyone's aware, removing a tick with tweezers (or with a cigarette!) isn't really a good idea if you're in an area where they can carry disease (so .. most of the world). It can cause them to vomit up into your blood. You should use a proper tick removal tool.

  3. Unbelievable...Build a nuke...HAARP

    Remove a tick...major problem!

    Twist it. Either direction, it doesn't matter. All you have to do is grab it's body and twist it until you hear the click as it lets go.
    Tricky with a dog as you have to twist it just a little more than the human hand can twist so you have to walk round the dog a bit.

  4. bigjohn:

    Try using a wooden match. Once you get it burning good enough, blow it out and use it. The match will still be hot enough to worry the tick, but you won't have to worry about stinking up the local area with a cigarette, or starting a fire.


  5. I... uhh. I dont get the joke in the cartoon? explanation?

  6. Ticks live in the grass and grab you when you walk by and crawl up your leg and bite you wherever they want to, which may be in your groin or crotch.

  7. That clicking sound you hear isn't them letting go, it's their mouthparts popping off (and likely staying in you).
    According to the American Lyme Disease Foundation, you should pull with tweezer but grab as close to the skin as you can.

  8. Hmm... interesting. We get paralysis ticks here, Ixodes holocyclus, the bite of which which can cause life-threatening illness. But we're all tough outdoors-y Aussies and we can deal with scary critters ;-)

    This site is informative and includes a good section on tick removal: http://medent.usyd.edu.au/fact/ticks.htm

  9. from the link Dr. Mieke provided -

    "If a tick is detected that is attached, never attempt to place any chemical such as methylated spirits onto the tick, nor should it be touched or disturbed, as the tick will inject saliva into the skin, which could make the situation worse. Rather the tick should be sprayed with an aerosol insect repellent preferably containing pyrethrin or a pyrethroid (if a repellent cannot be found which contains a pyrethroid, then Lyclear, a scabies cream containing permethrin will work fine). The combination of hydrocarbons and the pyrethrin acts as a narcotic and a toxicant, and prevents the tick from injecting its saliva. The tick should be sprayed again one minute later (or dabbed with the Lyclear) and left. After 24 hours it should drop off naturally or be gently removed with fine-tipped forceps. It is normal for a tick bite to remain slightly itchy for several weeks, however if other symptoms develop, then a doctor should be consulted immediately."


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