22 May 2009

Zero tolerance requires zero brains

A 15-year-old girl in Pennsylvania has been suspended from middle school after a random search disclosed an eyebrow shaver in her handbag.

I guess that will teach her a lesson. She must be a troublemaker:
She's a Girl Scout and a member of the school's basketball team, choir and leadership team.
Apparently she doesn't understand the importance of zero tolerance for weapons -
The teen said she doesn't consider the eyebrow trimmer a weapon.
Perhaps it will do her good to spend a day at home and ponder her misdeed -
She's going to be expelled for the rest of this year AND 45 days next year.
I give up. This is classic WTF material.

Via Fark. This is not her eyebrow - it's just a random eyebrow. Photo credit to Patrick T. Power.


  1. clearly a gang related shank... she should be in jail not school

  2. I'm a retired teacher, and the stupidity of some school administrators still blows me away. We supposedly teach students to think critically, yet those in managerial positions seem not to have mastered any kind of thinking at all.

  3. A pencil is more dangerous. Expel them all.

  4. "A pencil is more dangerous. Expel them all."

    Don't forget the textbooks. Those calculus books must have an incredible weight that could deal some serious damage.

  5. Don't you think it would be appropriate to credit the photographer whose photo you've used?

  6. @patrick - thank you for the notification. I've amended the blog entry to give photo credit to your Flickr photostream.


  7. Thanks, Stan... much appreciated.


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