22 May 2009

GPS satellite system reportedly "close to breakdown"

The U.S. government has warned that the worldwide network of satellites that make up the Global Positioning System (GPS) could fail by 2010 - affecting millions of people around the globe.

Many are already dependent on the satellite navigation network that beams precise directions from A to B directly into users' cars or on their mobile phones.

But mismanagement and a lack of investment means the 20-year-old system could lead consumers into nothing but trouble.

The first replacement satellite was supposed to be launched into space in 2007 - but won't be ready until November of this year, nearly three years too late.

And it is unclear whether the satellites currently in orbit will be able to keep the system running smoothly in time for their replacements to arrive...

The satnav system could begin to fail by as early as next year, according to a study by the U.S. government accountability office (GAO)...

This impacts much more than motorists. Most large earthmoving and construction equipment is now GPS guided, as well as agricultural equipment.

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  1. I don't get it. Can't they just go back to the old system of finding their way around. You know, a map! I know GPS is easier but it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen. I just feel bad for the people that put out money for the GPS system only to find it out or order.


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