28 May 2009

Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Dminor - Big Piano version

Last week I posted the accordion version. Here it is on giant organ keys at FAO Schwartz. I've seen this video posted everywhere this week, so I thought I would give it a pass here - but it is irresistibly impressive.

Some people believe this video is "faked," but there are other videos showing the keyboard being walked on randomly, and other tunes being played. Someone has also noted that there is about a 40msec delay between the video and the sound track, which generates an element of unreality to the performance. I suppose it's possible that the keyboard is preset like a player piano and all the person has to do is tap dance the right keys, but I prefer to think that the tapping triggers the organ notes.

Decide for yourself. Fun to watch in any case. (Try fullscreen)


  1. bach says "it's real"

  2. I think it's real too, because it's far from being perfect. You can hear different sounds when one of the girls jumps on the wrong key, then the right one.
    I like this a lot!

  3. And there is no way FAO Schwartz pulls a Milli Vanilli. They are way too classy for that.

  4. It looks real to me, I play this piece and they have simplified it a bit, and I also see a slight delay but this would be doable and it seems they have done it!

  5. anyone else remember back in the day when ALL youtube videos had out of sync audio?

  6. It is real, seen it first hand and my Daughter has played on it.


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