26 May 2009

Stupid criminal video

This video is several years old, but worth sharing for those who haven't seen it. A CCTV camera captures the efforts of two young men, one of whom stands guard while the other tries to bust the window of a building with bricks.

The audio would have to have been added to the video; whether the rest is somehow faked or not is uncertain; Snopes addresses a similar event, but doesn't seem to have an entry for this specific one. There may be some clues at the YouTube discussion, but I can't bring myself to wade through the drivel on such threads.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like video game physics. Most definitely fake. Both characters fall before getting hit, they fly much farther than you could possibly move a human with a small rock, the window (assuming it is "lexan") could not possibly be that elastic that it would throw a rock back that hard, and the motions of the people are not human like at all (but look more like background characters of a video game).


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