29 May 2009

Edgar Allan Poe story illustrations

I selected the two above from a group of 36 assembled at A Journey Around My Skull. These were created by the Irish stained glass artist Harry Clarke for a 1923 anthology of Poe's tales. The pix above enlarge modestly, but the ones at the link supersize to larger than fullscreen, for those interested in the detailed artwork.


  1. I loved the "Tell-Tale Heart" illustration you posted. I was thinking about that story today as I pursued research in police archives here in Paris, about a prohibited book of 1800, _Le Cimetiere de la Madeleine_. In the 30+ letters I discovered at the Archives, the police prove to be virtually obsessed with looking under floorboards as a hiding place for clandestine things. I guess Poe was really onto something!
    May I reproduce the image you've posted on my weblog? makes a nice graphic.
    Check out my weblog:http://revolutioninfiction.wordpress.com/

  2. Certainly. You should use the primary link as the reference and list me as a "via" or "found at."

    Your blog is very nicely done; I've bookmarked the mysterious urn for a possible future link.


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