29 May 2009

Another severed foot found in Canada - in Quebec

It's been two months since I've added anything to the severed feet category. Finally another case has arisen - this one clear across the continent in Montreal (the others were all in the vicinity of Vancouver).
Robitaille first spotted the shiny, black winter boot earlier this month as he chugged across the 20-hectare farm in his tractor.
Still unsure what the boot contained, he tossed it on the back of the machine and continued working the field for another 15 minutes.
But his growing curiosity pushed him to eventually unzip the unisex boot, so he could pull that blue sock down a little bit further.
"I touched it and pretty much saw that it was a foot," he said of the badly decomposed member.
"It took a real effort to (try and) get it out."

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