24 May 2009


I always like to end the blogging day with pictures. The ones above (Zebra and Emerald) are from a collection at Science Ray (via Neatorama's Upcoming Queue).

There's another photo gallery at Gardenweb, and pix of the ones we have raised here. We haven't seen any yet this spring, but the fennel and parsley are growing and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some gravid females.


  1. Aren't they just lovely?

    After several days of trying, I finally captured a couple of shots of a zebra. You can see a side view here:


  2. If you don't raise them yourself, you are lucky to have gotten the shot, because swallowtails are powerful fliers and don't pose for long.

  3. I think this one was really hungry, it kept returning to different clover blossoms to feed even though I was very close by. I didn't raise it, but from the looks of it I believe it was newly 'hatched'-the colors were vibrant and so signs of wear on the wings.

    Your blog is really cool-I've passed it on to friends.


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