26 May 2009

Meet a real "redneck"

A link to this video was posted at Reddit, along with a query from an Englishman who wondered whether these were "real" people, or just Kentuckians acting up. I spent ten wonderful years working in Lexington, Kentucky and met Eastern Kentuckians very much like this fellow (though not quite so drunk).

If this video interests you, take at look at another good 'ol boy - Ernie "I try not to smile, ’cause I got my teeth knocked out by a chainsaw" Brown, Jr.


  1. I suppose that I'm a real redneck, too, having in Kentucky for 30 years, and recently relocating.

    I too met, befriended, attended school with... Many "Real" Rednecks, country people, mtn. people, and many more variants.

    Even folks who naturally fuel the stereotypes of the racially biased, poorly educated, etc., can be genuinely good humans.

  2. I reccomend "The Redneck Manifesto" by Jim Goad, or just go to Joe Bageants website.
    This looks like a couple of good old boys, (although was the driver REALLY a woman?) takin' the piss. The Brits know what that's all about.

    Lot's of hard working harder drinking people in my area, just like these two.

  3. These people put the fear of god in me and I'm an atheist. I knew people like this in my hometown in Canada. Is this kind of redneckery purely North American?

  4. There's not really a need to be afraid of them; they are not malevolent - just "different." Of course any drunk with a gun is "scary" but the people are not intrinsically so.

  5. These people live almost next door to me. People just like them, anyway. A lot of talk and bluster. Not much action.

    I think that one hundred years ago, this was the general population around Indyucky.


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