14 April 2009

Giant sea worm discovered in aquarium

Everyone else has blogged this giant worm found in an aquarium, so I wasn't going to do it, but after reading another account I decided I couldn't in good conscience pass this up. Frankly I didn't even know such giant sea worms existed.
Aquarium staff have unearthed a 'giant sea' worm that was attacking coral reef and prize fish.

The 4ft long monster, named Barry, had launched a sustained attack on the reef in a display tank at Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium over recent months...

After staking out the display for several weeks, the last resort was to completely dismantle it, rock by rock.

Halfway through the process the predator was revealed as a four-foot polychaete worm.

The tropical worm is capable of inflicting permanent numbness on humans with its sting.

...we laid traps but they got ripped apart in the night. 'That worm must have obliterated the traps. The bait was full of hooks which he must have just digested.'

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