25 April 2009

A strange video about bird flu

This was posted two weeks ago on YouTube. Despite the image, this is not a production of the DHS; rather it's an audio recording of someone phoning the "Power Hour" with allegations that large quantities of flu-related material are being transported, and that these events are associated with the DHS. The Reddit discussion of the video is here.

I have no idea what the "Power Hour" is, and whether this is just ranting by a drug-addled or paranoid schizophrenic, but it certainly is interesting...

It's probably just nonsensical conspiracy theory.


  1. The Power Hour is, according to WikiPedia, "a brokered radio show that is syndicated to various radio stations, including many Christian radio stations. Hosted by Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist (a married couple) and originating from Versailles, Missouri, the show features news of interest to the anti-New World Order movement and also covers in-depth news not covered in mainstream media. The ideology of the show is right-wing conservative." I checked it out and it is a paranoid Right-winger's dream.

  2. Thank you, George. That makes sense. Maybe the trucks were traveling to the reeducation camps...

  3. As I was driving back from my spring break trip ( a seven hour drive) I came upon a straight stretch of road and there was a train to my passenger side traveling toward me. In this part of the country there are loads of trains, I have been watching trains all my life.
    Well, this train was coming toward me as I drove down that flat straight stretch of road was so long I couldn't see the end of it. That was curious but I didn't pay that much attention. As I was looking at the train though I noticed there wasn't any writing on the box cars, and also that they weren't like any box cars I'd ever seen. Well it wasn't like any train I'd ever seen actually. Every car was completely uniform, not your usual potpourri of cars that had been picked up from around the country. They were painted beige with a little bit of green accenting on them. They had high air vents but you couldn't see inside them at all. There was no writing on the cars identifying them . They all looked fairly new, clean and exactly the same. I am not sure how far I had traveled before my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to hit my trip mile counter to see just how long this sucker was, as I still could not see the end of it. I clocked five miles before it ended. It had two cabooses as far as I could tell but I hadn't taken note of how many engines were at the front pulling it.
    Well, it could be that we are getting some nice new trains and are wising up that we need to make better use of our extensive RR system in this country... I just don't know.
    I would imagine car carriers are backed up everywhere due to the market. Imports are failing and that's bound to cause disruption in the rail transport system. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but that train was very curious to me. If anyone knows what it might have been please post here.

  4. Re the train's length, that would be five miles of your travel PLUS whatever the train traveled the other way during that time - perhaps 9-10 miles total. Someone else can calculate how many boxcars that would be.

    ??what part of the country were you in - out west, presumably...

    great fodder for conspiracy theory, even if there's a prosaic explanation.

    I'll forward the info to a friend who's something of a train fanatic for his opinion.

  5. I received a reply from my train expert friend, in which he said...

    "Very hard to tell. Any idea where this was seen? And he wrote it was traveling, not parked? A good clue would have been the markings on the caboose.

    Assuming he knows his freight cars, I am not familiar with these as described. However, if he is one who has, "... been watching trains all my life...." without noting what he was seeing, then it could be:

    * center beam cars loaded with lumber wrapped in plastic (common),
    * autoracks (these are now 'armored' against people throwing things at them, yet have scant area to stencil more than the basic logo and info.)
    * modern hopper cars
    * any number of boxcar types
    * a work train

    Many railroads are getting spartan with their markings, having only the reporting marks and required stenciling. Especially privately-owned freight cars.

    As for the length, today railroads are storing literal miles of cars on sidings and little-used branch lines. He might have been passing one of these operations."

    He visits a number of RR enthusiast websites and blogs and will post the info there seeking feedback.

    Stay tuned...

  6. Thanks for the info. I think your friend gave me more credit than I deserved. When I said I’d been watching trains all my life, well it was more about me growing up around here and standing at the side of the tracks trying to read the graffiti on the box cars. About the most art we got in the town I grew up in. The long beige and green train I saw was headed south. I was just north of Springfield Missouri when I saw it. Yeah, I wasn’t really able to do the math on how long that train must have been since the calculations were well beyond me. I was traveling about seventy, and I also don’t know exactly how long I waited to hit the trip counter. It was the uniformity of the cars and the length of the train that sort of fascinated me.

    It’s interesting that he mentioned; “As for the length, today railroads are storing literal miles of cars on sidings and little-used branch lines. He might have been passing one of these operations."

    Today, after a bit of digging I have found loads of speculation on what these are intended for along with some tasty videos about massive amounts of disposable coffins being stored.

    Who knows! Certainly not me, a left handed female with a slightly larger right breast, haha.

  7. These may be same videos you have already found, on massive quantities of plastic coffins and on concentration camps.

    It's all just conspiracy theory...


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