29 April 2009

The Pat Metheny Group

If you're not familiar with this truly remarkable jazz/rock fusion group, I think the best introduction I can offer is this recording of "Are You Going With Me?" from way back in 1982. For some people the style is "over the top," but to my ear it's remarkable instrumental virtuosity and artistic innovation.

Here's another video that of the same piece that may be better.

Addendum: I do like it better. Here it is -


  1. 1979's New Chautauqua was a favorite early morning roadtrip song.

  2. I love Pat Metheny. My parents brought us kids up on him and he will forever be that CD that I can always turn to! Currently, my favorite of all Metheny is the last 3 minutes of "Finding and Believing" (I think), Track #3 on Secret Stories (it's about 10 minutes long). And Still Life (Talking) and We Live Here are my favorite albums.

    I saw him live about a year ago and it is absolutely amazing what he can do. I love that listening to his music I can now say, "Yes, that's him playing the guitar. Yes, his fingers are producing that sound."

  3. People who think this is over the top, or even cheesy, have to look at in the context of when it was made. In the 70's and early 80's a lot of prog groups and jazz fusion groups, following in their usual patterns of staying in the lead of musical innovation, started using a lot electronics and synthesizers. Look at a group like Return To Forever if you want a good example of this. At the time, this created a very futuristic sound, combining the musical experimentation of the electronic pioneers with the talent of the greatest jazz musicians. With the possibilities we have now, however, these early electronic sounds do come off as cheesy, especially to younger listeners, resulting in what is considered "video game music." I am younger myself, but I try to "listen past" the production value and find the "meat" of the music, if you will :)


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